GTA 5 Mod Apk for Android – GTA 5 Visa Apk Mod


GTA 5 Mod apk or GTA 5 Visa Apk Mod is now available for Android devices. Good news for the Grand Theft Auto lovers who plays all the version of GTA and now wants to play the GTA 5. As we known that, GTA 5 is still not officially launched for android devices. But from the Modded version of GTA San Andreas you can play the GTA 5 on Android mobile and feel the real fun of GTA 5. So, first install and then enjoy the Gta 5 Mod apk version. For installing the game you have to follow the instructions to easily download the game.

The Gta 5 Mod apk is the Modded GTA San Andreas Visa apk that have amazing features and many features are like GTA 5. Feel the full joy of GTA 5 on this modded apk. This Mod has all the GTA 5  vehicles, characters, and Missions. Good sound quality and excellent game control.

GTA 5 MOD Apk:

Must know that GTA 5 is not officially released for Android devices. This is a GTA 5 MOD apk version of GTA San Andreas. There are many Mods available of GTA 5 but the real game is not available.

Follow the steps below that guide you to install GTA 5 MOD apk or we can say that GTA 5 Visa Apk on your Android devices.

Download files

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Download GTA 5 MOD

Download SD Data 1 (1.6 GB)

Download SD Data 2 (604 MB)

Steps to Download GTA 5 Mod Apk

  1. At first, download GTA 5 MOD file from the above links.
  2. Also install SD Data 1 file.
  3. After installing Extract the SD Data file from the Z-archiver on google playstore. After extracting you will get com.rockstargames.gtasa. 
  4. Now move this file to the obb folder which is present inside the Android folder. If there is no Obb folder then create a new folder and named it ”obb” and move the file in that folder.
  5. Download SD Data 2 file  and extract it too. You will get the file named com.rockstargames.gtasa. Also move this file to the obb folder.
  6.  Now go to the app drawer, launch the game and play..

Enjoy the Modded version of GTA 5 apk this is actually called GTA 5 visa apk Mod. If you like our tutorial then share and comment us below.




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