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The RockStar develop the new game in the series of Grand Theft Auto which known as GTA 6. In this article you will learn how to download GTA 6 Apk for Android free. You don’t need money to buy this amazing and new game. Just download and enjoy the Latest GTA 6 on Android device. For downloading the game, you need to follow the guide which is given below.

As we know that the GTA 6 Apk is not officially available for Android. This is the Modded version of GTA Liberty City Stories. The grand GTA Liberty City Storicustomizedomised to the latest GTA 6 and has many new features of GTA 6.

GTA 6 Liberty City:

Th new GTA 6 is the upgraded version of GTA Liberty City and we can say that this is new GTA 6 liberty City. Added many nw features and you will enjoy to play the game. So, if you want to play this amazing game then you have to follow the instructions below to download the game on your android devices.


Amazing Sound, realistic graphics, good control over the game. The new and amazing cars and bikes are available to enjoy the ride. Just download GTA 6 Apk and enjoy.


⇓Download Apk⇓

  GTA 6 Apk

⇓Mega Adress GTA 6 OBB 1.76 GB⇓!fcJk2KQQ!bUs8l3Q6K-UP08PNQJVuf9i9JIj98qrH0Mxkhb8T80c

How to Download GTA 6 for Android

  1. First download MEGA App and ZArchiever from Playstore.
  2. Download and install Apk file of GTA 6, do not open the game now.
  3. Copy the Mega app GTA 6 Obb address given below.
  5. Open Mega App, Create your account and Sign In. Now click on three dots in the upper right corner, you will see different options, click on Open Link, paste the address which you copied from step 2.  Now click on open.
  6. You will found Obb 1.11 Gb file, now click on download and download the full file.
  7. Open your Z archiver, now open your Mega folder and found the 1.11 GB zipped file which you have downloaded in Step 4.  click on the file and select Extract Here and extract the file. It will take 3 to 5 minutes.
  8. After that, you will found a folder ”com.rockstargames.gtalcs” click on this folder for two seconds and select Cut, now go back and paste this folder into OBB folder. Obb folder is available in the Android folder.
  9. All done, you have converted GTA Liberty City to GTA 6 which is new converted version. Now play and enjoy the latest GTA 6 Apk on your Android devices.



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